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Big Springs Deli Menu
Call us at 870-439-2900  to order for in-store pick-up
We offer pick-up meals for events in the Marshall,Harrison, Mountain View, and Yellville areas.  
Whether you're getting married on the Buffalo River or having your Granny's birthday party, we can help you out with portion sizes and prices.  
We can make you a smoked meats  picnic lunch to take floating with you,
 or we can make cookies or pies for your office staff meeting.  We also ship a limited selection of our products.
Give us a call!

House-Smoked Bacon
$7.95 per pound 

Whole or Half Hams
Artisan-Smoked Bone-in Ham
$5.75 per pound

Summer Sausage
Great with Cheese and Crackers
$12 each

Venison Summer Sausage
Venison with Cheddar and Jalepenos
$10 each

Ozark Sausage
Polish-Style with lots of smoke
$6 per pound

Turkey Breast
House-smoked deli-style turkey
$9.50 per pound

Boneless Ham
House-smoked deli-style ham
$8.95 per pound

Beef Brisket
A real artisan item, small-batch; tender and delicious
$12 per pound

Pork Loin
High-end smoked pork, lean and succulent
$9.50 per pound

Smoked Cheddar, Hot Pepper, Colby-Jack, and Baby-eye Swiss, & Provolone 
all smoked right here.
$7.95-$9.50 per pound

We're incorporating traditional Arkansas smoked meats into our restaurant menu, 
but we know you like to use them, too!  So pick some up from our deli counter to take home with you.  These are in-store pick-up prices ONLY.
Please check our "Store" section for prices and information of having our products shipped directly to you!

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